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All JALT members are warmly welcome to join our "Global Issues" SIG. A 1-year membership costs just 1,500 yen. Payment can be made by credit card using JALT’s secure online payment form at JALT members can also fill out the JALT postal furikae form found in each issue of The Language Teacher magazine and take this with their 1,500 yen payment to any post office in Japan. Newsletters are issued 4 times a year.


Interested teachers or institutions are welcome to subscribe to our quarterly "Global Issues in Language Education Newsletter." Annual subscriptions are ¥2000, US $15 or UK 10 pounds. In Japan, send a payment of 2000 yen to Kip Cates at the address below by post office cheque (teigaku kogawase) available at any post office. Overseas subscribers can pay in either US dollars or UK pounds. All checks should be from a US or UK bank and should be made out to "Kip Cates." Please inquire about newsletter exchanges or complimentary subscriptions for global organizations, language teaching associations and teachers in developing countries.

Send all newsletter inquiries or and non-JALT member subscription fees to: Kip A. Cates, Tottori University, Koyama, Tottori City, JAPAN 680-8551

E-mail: [email protected] Work Tel/Fax: 0857-31-5650

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