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- 1995 -

Issue #18 (March 1995)

This newsletter issue, our first for 1995, features announcements of global education summer programs, articles on overseas penpals and cultural diversity, news of the Kobe earthquake plus a special section on environmental education for Earth Day (April 23). We wish our readers all the best in their global education endeavors for the coming year!

Issue #19 (June 1995)

This issue features articles on sex education and the environmental awareness of language teachers, reports on TESOL'95 and a New York global education conference plus a special section on peace education with an article on peace organizations and a lesson on nuclear weapons. This issue also announces the formation of a Global Issues SIG in the IATEFL organization and an appeal to set up a TESOL Peace Education Caucus. JALT SIG members should fill out and mail the enclosed postcard to help us make a Global Issues SIG Directory.

Issue #20 (Sept. 1995)

Our fall issue features articles on cultural awareness and 'subversive' language teaching, reports on the TESOL Peace Education Institute and other conferences, greetings from the new IATEFL Global Issues SIG, classroom reports from Kenya and Romania, and a preview of global education presentations at the November JALT'95 conference in Nagoya. Important summer events to appear in our next newsletter include reports on the June LINGUAPAX conference in Australia and the July International Educators for Peace conference in Vermont.

Issue #21 (December 1995)

Our final issue for 1995 features articles on team-teaching in Asia and a "partnership stories" project, news of global education graduate programs and a global ed summer school in England, reports on AIDS education and a "women in language education" network, a Korean high school lesson on tolerance and prejudice, conference reports on LINGUAPAX in Australia and JALT'95 in Nagoya plus global awareness workshops, peace action projects, global issue holiday reading and global education calendars to brighten up your classroom. We hope you like our new look on "white yamayuri" recycled paper. Thanks to everyone for all your support last year and good luck for a productive year of global education in 1996!

- 1996 -

Issue #22 (March 1996)

Our first issue of 1996 features articles on overcoming cultural stereotypes, teaching about the Holocaust and studying the Beijing Women's Conference, news of Israeli-Palestinian EFL cooperation and a summer volunteer program in Thailand, reports on philosophy in the classroom and global issues through writing, conference reports on Korea TESOL and JALT'95, plus environmental guidelines, global education magazines and a report on women in language education. Kip Cates will be in the US from March 14-31 and in the UK from April 6-14, so please bear with his lack of response during these times. Best wishes for spring!

Issue #23 (June 1996)

Our summer issue of 1996 features articles on teaching global issues to children in Japan, environmental awareness in Brazil, computer software in the global issues classroom, teaching about the Olympics and about the Middle East, reports on "One World Week" in Portugal and peace education in Tokyo, conference reports on TESOL'96 in Chicago and IATEFL'96 in England plus global issue summer reading, a preview of JALT'96 in Hiroshima and a report on women in language education. Best wishes to all our readers for a good summer break!

Issue #24 (Sept. 1996)

Our fall issue of 1996 features articles on non-violence by Rajmohan Gandhi, debating social issues in China, a global issues textbook lesson from Brazil, global issues on the Internet, a report on a peace education conference in Tokyo, news from IATEFL's Global Issues SIG in England, a profile of key global education handbooks, information on UNESCO Linguapax, a book review on world literature and a preview of this year's exciting JALT'96 conference in Hiroshima, city of peace - please plan to come and attend!

Issue #25 (December 1996)

Our final issue of 1996 features articles on the environment and language teaching, a world survey of teenagers' interests and global concerns, reports on an Australian peace education conference and on a SE Asian international schools conference, a profile of key books on teaching peace and tolerance, a report on UNESCO Linguapax at JALT'96 complete with Felix Marti's keynote speech and a touching Christmas story from Germany about prejudice and global interdependence. Best wishes to all for a better world in 1997!

- 1997 -

Issue #26 (March 1997)

Our first issue of 1997 features common questions teachers ask about global issues, environmental classroom activities, English teaching in the Philippines and peace education in Europe. Other topics include sexual harassment in schools, the Seville Statement on Violence, and Linguapax books on international understanding. Our annual subscription fee for JALT members will rise to 1500 yen on April 1 - still a bargain for four 24-page newsletters a year! Thanks for your support. We look forward to bringing you more global education news over the coming year. Good luck with your spring teaching!

Issue #27 (June 1997)

Our summer newsletter issue features articles on peace education at high school in Tokyo, a multicultural summer camp in West Virginia, a university EFL unit designed to promote respect for indigenous people and the environment, and a class activity on global awareness through world stamps. Other topics include global issues on the Internet, the latest global education teacher resource books from the UK, conference reports on TESOL'97 in Florida and IATEFL'97 in England, and a unique "peace month" held in Albuquerque, New Mexico which featured a complete program of daily peace education events. Best wishes to all our readers for a great summer!

Issue #28 (Sept. 1997)

Our fall 1997 newsletter features articles on environmental education and American studies, teaching peace in the foreign language classroom, global awareness activities for junior high school, an EFL lesson on Mother Teresa from India, a peace education reading text by Mark Twain, conference reports from Japan and abroad, details of Tim Grant's Green Teacher Asia workshops, book reports, a Nobel Peace Prize appeal plus a preview of the many exciting global issue presentations planned for the upcoming JALT'97 conference in Hamamatsu. Please plan to come and attend!

Issue #29 (December 1997)

Two key events this December were the Kyoto environmental summit and the global landmine ban signed in Ottawa. To mark these, our last newsletter of 1997 features articles on environmental education, teaching activities from Green Teacher magazine and a classroom simulation on landmines. Also included are articles on using the Internet to promote global awareness, learning about far-away countries, using cultural objects to teach about Africa, a conference report from Korea TESOL, global education books for your holiday reading, a summary of our Global Issues SIG's 1997 activities, global issue presentations given at JALT regional chapters and a list of global calendars for 1998. Best wishes to everyone for a Happy New Year!

- 1998 -

Issue #30 (March 1998)

Our first newsletter of 1998 focusses on multimedia and experiential education. Featured articles deal with promoting handicap and landmine awareness through simulations, the teaching of English through global issue movies, bringing the world into the classroom through oral interviews, and a global education English program at a Tokyo girls' high school. Also included are articles on the International Declaration of Linguistic Rights, a student environmental awareness survey from Green Teacher magazine, a "global issues and peace education" summer academy in Lebanon, and a profile of key books on women's issues. We look forward to bringing you more global education news over the coming year. Good luck with your spring global issues language teaching!

Issue #31 (June 1998)

Our 1998 summer newsletter features articles on environmental activities for creating a "green classroom", ideas for teaching about refugees through a simulation board game, and a survey of World Wide Web sites that can bring the world into your classroom. Also included are articles on a student field trip to a peace museum, a non-violent vocabulary game to play instead of "Hangman", a conference report on global issues at TESOL'98 in Seattle, news of global education summer programs in Japan and abroad plus a review of key reference books for promoting global awareness. Enjoy the summer holiday and good luck with your planning for an exciting fall semester of global issues language teaching!

Issue #32 (Sept. 1998)

This newsletter features articles on ethical investment, peace education through children's literature, dealing with minority issues in the classroom, teaching about bias towards out-groups, and a "Mini-Earth" EFL course about world countries and cultures. Also included are a global issues textbook review, a conference report on global education sessions at 


'98 in England, reference books for promoting global awareness plus a preview of the many exciting global issue presentations planned for the upcoming JALT'98 conference in Omiya. Please plan to come and attend this exciting conference!

Abstracts of global education articles from language teaching journals

- 1999 -

Issue #33 (December 1998)

This issue, our last newsletter of 1998, features articles about taking students on environmental field trips, teaching about the world's indigenous peoples, education in Bangladesh and an essay on the challenge of teaching the Israeli-Palestinian peace process in English-as-a-foreign-language classes. Also included are a classic global education reading passage on experiencing poverty, fall conference reports from KoTESOL (Korea) and ETA-ROC

 (Taiwan), human rights education books for your holiday reading, a summary of our Global Issues SIG's 1998 activities, and a list of global calendars for 1999.

Issue #34 (March 1999)

This issue, our first newsletter of 1999, features a survey on the world knowledge of Japanese EFL students, a description of an English language curriculum on gender issues, and an account of a class charity appeal for the victims of Hurricane Mitch. Other articles include a conference report on language teaching and peace education, an essay on teaching content-based social studies, a global issues brainstorming activity as well as resource books for teaching about Japan and World War II

Issue #35 (June 1999)

This summer issue features a description of peace education language activities on the theme of Okinawa, a report on a volunteer EFL program for orphans developed in Korea, ideas on using global issue pop songs in the foreign language classroom, and a report on an international peace congress held in the Hague. Other articles include conference reports on TESOL99 (New York) and RELC99 (Singapore), a summer homework project which has students interview senior citizens about environmental changes in their local communities, and a list of resource books to help you teach about the millennium. We hope you enjoy this newsletter issue and wish you good luck with your summer projects.

Issue #36 (Sept. 1999)

Our fall newsletter features articles on topics ranging from world citizenship and gender stereotyping to teaching for charity and discrimination against non-native speaker teachers. Conference reports include IATEFL'99 (Edinburgh) and Language World (York, UK) as well as AILA'99 (Tokyo) and LIOJ (Odawara). Please remember that this is an active newsletter, not a passive one. Contact addresses, e-mail and websites are included for authors of articles, conference presenters, global issue groups and global education organizations. Don't be shy! If you read about an interesting topic, project, person or resource, make contact and start building your own global network. Good luck with your fall global issues teaching and please try to attend our JALT'99 conference!

Issue #37 (December 1999)

Our last newsletter of 1999 features articles on global issue songs, global education in Cuba and guidelines for teaching about world citizenship as well as a global survey of internationally-minded schools and an analysis of images of Africa held by Japanese students and EFL texts. Conference reports include JALT'99 (Maebashi, Japan) and this fall's Pan-Asian PAC2 Conference (Seoul, Korea). This issue also includes a list of global education books for your holiday reading, a report on the 1999 activities of our JALT Global Issues SIG and a list of global calendars for the year 2000. Best wishes to all for a Happy New Year and a dynamic start your global teaching in the new millennium!

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