PGL 2013


Dates:          Either:  October 20-21  or  26-27 2003

Theme:        Peace & Welfare in the Local and Global Community 

Venue:         Rikkyo University, Tokyo (either downtown or Saitama campus)

Organizer:  Zane Ritchie zane.ritchie or zane AT

PGL Details
<> this fall’s PGL 2013 conference will be held in October at Rikkyo University in Tokyo 
<> PGL organizer Zane Grey has negotiated a free venue (no cost!) plus a subsidy from his university
<> Kip has offered GILE assistance (as we do each year) for publicity, organizing and financial support (if needed)

Theme & Topics:
<> This year’s PGL will examine issues pertaining to achieving and maintaining peace in our families and communities.  
<> Topics might include (but need not be limited to): 

  • Promoting peace in our local communities; peace and volunteerism; local welfare schemes; reconstruction of disaster-stricken and decaying communities; territorial disputes; promoting peace in elderly rural communities; promoting peace through education; local welfare schemes; increasing community ties/family ties; the issue of youth suicide; women’s place/role in the community, etc.

<> Proposals in the area of EFL/ESL (related to the conference theme) are also welcome

PGL Organizing Team: Members Needed!
<> the PGL 2013 organizing team currently consists of two people:

  1. Chair: Zane Ritchie, Rikkyo University
  2. Vice chair: Richard Miller, Kobe Gakuin University

<> interested people are warmly invited to join the team and take up the following posts:

Committee Members Wanted
Web Chair:
Submissions Chair:
Sponsors Chair:
Program Chair: 
Publicity Chair: 
Student volunteer coordinator:
Proceedings Chair: 
Rikkyo University High-school student coordinator: Hugh Palmer, Rikkyo High School

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