<> JALT 2014 will take place in November in Tsukuba

(1) GILE SIG Forum (automatically accepted by JALT)
     * this is our one free non-vetted session which JALT automatically accepts
     * GILE Program Chair Jennie is now working to prepare this
     * this has a submission deadline of May 19 on a separate webpage:
     * contact Jennie for more info on this

(2) GILE SIG Business Meeting
     * this is required for all SIGs. Kip will submit the proposal for this. 

(3) GILE SIG Display Table
     * this is a key component of our SIG presence at the conference. Kip will arrange this.

(4) GILE Colloquium  (vetted by JALT)
     * Tom Fast and I submitted a GILE Colloquium on the topic of “Education for Global Citizenship”
     * luckily, this was accepted by JALT (!)
     * we’re now working to put together a strong panel of speakers
     * here’s the information on this:

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